Writing Trigger Number 1

June 2, 2020

What's the number 1 habit for writing a blog post regularly? I know the answer.

It may not satisfy your intellect, but I am committed to present you the truth. The number one trigger for writing a blog regularly is: Entering the blog every single day. Or thrice a week. As you wish.

Open the wordpress, or whatever platform you are using. Be on the inside and click, new post!

Clicking on the link that opens the new blog post canvas is the most powerful habit you can cultivate. Because, once you click on that link, I bet you would be able to write. If nothing, write about the weather, or the news of the day, or just express your frustration. To write 300 or so meaningful words isn't a challenge for any human being of an average IQ. 

The challenge comes when you wish to write something great. Something which will awe everyone out there. Something that will go viral on its own strength. 

We have already taken that out from our assignment. I have decided, I am not going to write great stuff. I am writing, that's good enough. And if I write 3oo plus words at a stretch again and again, is good enough. And even if I repeat the same phrase again and again that's good enough!

This clicking of the new post link is the most powerful writing trigger in my experience. 

Let me share with you a story I heard long back. A man wanted to reduce weight. He tried almost all the diet plans but failed miserably. He always began the eating plan with enthusiasm. But midway, he would cheat, or binge.

He even went to a psychologist.

Finally someone suggested him to make a small change which helped.

He had a refrigerator in his drawing room! Even without thinking he would open it up and grab something to eat. By the time he realised, he had already gulped and chewed a lot of calories.

He was advised to move the refrigerator to an inside room, at the far end of the house. The man could reduce his weight now. Who would go that far in between an interesting TV show?

Let's use this trick in reverse, and keep our writing link as close as possible. I do it, and it works. I simply click on the link and then think, what should I write.

I simply write a bad headline and move to the body. The writing is done, before I know it. Once some words are on the screen, ideas begin to take shape. Then I go back and tweak the headline, the opening paragraph, and delete irrelevant rants.  

That's what I did with this post.

My first headline was: what should I write today? And as I started writing, the question popped up, why I am staring at this screen, what brought me into this terrible position?

And the answer was...The new post link!

I realised it is a great advice to anybody who cares to listen. Dear friend, now that you cared, why don't you bookmark your 'New post' link.

This is my blog #2 in my 60 blog posts in a month challenge!

About the author 


Puneet Bhatnagar is a business innovator, creativity and innovation coach. He is a columnist and author who writes on creativity and innovation.

He has trained 1000's of people from all walks from life--From CEOs, CFOs, R&D experts, Engineers, Marketing and Advertising experts, News editors...And combat fighters too!

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