Cutting Edge Online Creativity Training!

Our online 'Virtual Training System' is like an online version of real life training...We leverage technology to create an environment where participants feel excited, generate ideas and collectively use their insights and experience to make better solutions for your organisation!

Experience The Power Of True Online Training!

Interactive Training

It's training in true sense. Participants learn through videos, presentations, white boards...And breakout sessions.

Idea Platform

Participants learn, working on specific problems and opportunities. They Develop ideas on our Idea-Platform. Only possible online! 

5-500 Participants

Here lies the power of online. Plan specific training and coaching for small teams. Or for everyone in the organisation.

Brainstorming With Puneet Bhatnagar

Puneet Bhatnagar is a creativity expert who brings with him a unique prowess, a blend of strategic thinking and big ideas. He uses online platforms for their true strengths...Last year alone he interacted with thousands of people online, spoke to experts in 20 countries. A real online training expert.

2 hr Session

Creative Spark

It's a quick energy boosting session for teams, charges them with creative ideas and possibilities. Interactive online idea generation sessions...relevant case studies and a walkthrough of creative thinking processess are used to shift mindset. Creative juices flow. 

A good opportunity for projects teams, functional teams working in different groups and locations to come together.

15-22 participants is a good number.

2 week Session

Online Idea Machine

Here we use the possibilities of online training to the max. It's a blend of online training sessions: 1-Idea generation and development on idea-platform and 2--evaluating ideas for implementation...spread over 2 weeks.

We work on a real life scenario. Create relevant solutions.
Works well for teams working together, with a common objective. 

A good module for 10-50 people.

2 day summit

Creative Summit

Multiple online sessions along with organisation leaders. Series of chats with various teams, brainstorming ideas, unearthing hidden opportunities.

A great opportunity to pull organisation together, to create a great experience.
A great module for large teams and events. Up to 500 People!

Connect with us to boost your team's creative spirits!

There is nothing like a creativity training to boost employee morale and energy. It's interesting, exciting, refreshing. Unlike those countless 'zoom' sessions.

Online modules help you connect teams working at different locations. Unproductive travelling time is curtailed. Pure training and learning!