The Creative Manifesto!

We the creative people, the people who believe in the power of ideas,
declare here that we will keep the creative flame alive.

Even if the world is shrinking into a shell.
Even if the crowd cries:
Survival first!

Because we know, and we understand, that despite the pandemic challenge,
the world is a far better place for us humans today, than it ever was.

We are not food for wild animals!

We are not a small tribe surrounded by enemies.
We are a seamless planet, each connected to another.

Our ancestors survived through turmoils.
They won over predators with their intelligence and creativity.
They observed sparks when dry leaves rubbed against each other.

There must have been naysayers in the race
who ran away at the sight of those sparks.
Who must have claimed--
This was a demon who wished to engulf them all.

But the courageous ones, the curious ones, the creative ones
mastered the monster called fire.
And then used it for the betterment of everyone.

We, the creative people, whatever our caste, creed or colour is, belong to the fire-users.
We belong to those who saw a wheel in the rolling log.
We are the ones who created languages. Lit up the world.
Penetrated the atoms. Expanded the skies.

In spite of deep fears and discouraging voices, we are the few who kept the creative-chin up.
 It's our creativity as a race that helped us survive through a million years.

It's our creative edge that has made humans grow, prosper and discover new dimensions of this world.

So today, again, we say to all naysayers,
it's creativity that will help us survive!

Come, let's embrace creativity.
We exist, we survive, we grow because we create!

Let's keep the creative flame alive!

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