How To Catch The Potable Water From Atmosphere?

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water crisis solution

September 25, 2017

Water scarcity is an issue which needs urgent attention. But we see more conferences and lesser number of real life solutions.

That's why when I came across the Warca Water Tower created by Arturo Vittori, I smiled. Rain water harvesting is in practiced in many parts of the world. But what to do in other seasons?

The Warca Tower is a beautiful solution! 

This Water Tower is made with bamboos. It catches moisture in the air, through the process of condensation the moisture turns into tiny droplets and flows down into a reservoir. So, it is a great source of water throughout the year. 

I must say it is an elegant solution. The bamboo water tower is made manually with locally available tools and materials. It doesn't need any kind of high technology. The real expertise is in-built in the design itself.

It's an open source concept and the local community is trained by the creators. 

You can know more about this beautiful piece of humanitarian solution at:

How to catch water from air:

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