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May 12, 2016

What might have made us different from other animals?
Now, there are many answers. And all answers would be speculative only. Because none of us were there. Though we can say, it's creativity which made us different.

What factors contributed to the great creative leap that took us on a different path from the animal kingdom?

One of those reasons would be the usage of tools. We human beings started using stone tools. Basic stone tools. Even the one in the picture above is a million years advanced compared to those flintstone hand-axes. Those were just sharp-edged flint stones. But those tools launched us on the creative path.

We are not alone in using the tools in the animal kingdom. Some other animals like chimpanzees are also seen using 'tools'. Again, very basic ones. Like, using a tree branch to get the termite out of the holes.

So, why we are so ahead of them? The actual difference between human beings and other animals will be this:

We use tools to create other tools. These tools have extended our senses. Added strength to our endeavours. Helped us use the forces of nature to our advantage.

The use of tools must have fired new neuron connections in our primitive mind. It must have expanded our creative imagination. These primitive stone tools took us here...in this age of creativity, wireless connectivity, mighty machines, and the whole new world of quantum machines!

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Puneet Bhatnagar

Puneet Bhatnagar, popularly known as Creative Punito--is a business innovator. An expert on SME business growth. He is a well-known creativity and innovation trainer, author, columnist and storyteller.

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