Innovation And The Importance Of Open Culture In Organisations

The innovation intent of CEO’s doesn’t get converted into successful outcomes. They feel frustrated sometimes. Innovation initiatives, in spite of all their backing, don’t seem to work. What can be the reason? Innovation needs a change in mindset. An openness in work culture, smooth exchange of ideas and experiences, and an ability to accept new ideas […]

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Plenty: Food With Purpose!

There is unusually high excitement about Plenty: The vertical farming startup.  Here is why:  Till now the farming happens in the rural areas and the users are in urban towns. Which means a physical distance between the farm produce and the end users. Sometime the produce travel a long distance, say up to 2000 to 5000 kilometers! This […]

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Cool Business Ideas

All ideas are not equal. While most business ideas struggle to gain traction, some ideas are cool business ideas! These ideas are triggered by real-life experiences. While most other people accept the inconveniences of life, some entrepreneurs and innovators respond with a cool solution. They see opportunities where others only see problems. Enjoy this compilation of cool […]

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The Amazing Crow Or Cat Illusion!

I discovered this picture on Twitter, and it was getting viral like crazy. Because what looks like a crow is actually a cat. I scratched my head a lot, and then my daughter joined in. She saw the cat!This is a good metaphor for ideas hiding in plain sight. While everyone sees the obvious, a […]

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Why Do Men Wear Pink Pants?

Recently we saw a shocking video of a man brandishing gun at one of the five star hotel in Delhi. It was horrifying that such a thing can happen in the capital, but some people felt even more offended to see him in the pink pants. What kind of a man wears pink pants? They […]

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