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How To Achieve Creative Success In The Iron-fisted Corporate World?

The world was never ready for creativity. The creative geniuses always faced resistance. But today, with so much hype about innovation, have things changed? Is corporate world waking up to breakthrough ideas?Sometimes it appears so. Innovation might be the most used core value by organisations. And yet, try to propose an idea which goes against […]

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What’s The Box…In Out Of The Box?

Everyone talks about getting out of the box.They say, “Think out of the box! There is no space for the old thinking in the new world!”CEOs urge, “Think creative, forget the past. Let’s think out of the box!”But before we get out of the box, shouldn’t we ask ourselves: What box?Do write your thoughts in […]

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Emerging Ideas: Cupid’s Creative Business Services

Businesses have gone beyond just selling flowers and greeting cards. New age businesses are playing an active role in the cupid’s game!  Valentine’s Day brings fairy-tale moments for lovers all around the world. But the business community awaits it even more eagerly. Cupid brings big business for them.Marketers are experts at tugging the hearts. They […]

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Creativity: It’s Not The Cherry On The Top Of The Cake!

I believe in calling an axe, an axe. And a cherry, a cherry! The cherry in consideration here is the ‘corporate creativity cherry’. We talk a lot about creativity and innovation. In seminars, conclaves, and think-tank sessions, we proclaim — creativity and innovation matter the most! CEOs try to convince their organisations, sometimes requesting, sometimes […]

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