Value Generator

By Creacos

December 5, 2017

Customer centricity is the essence of innovation


A unique creativity and innovation training programme for exploring and discovering
the true meaning of 'value' for the customers and the clients.

The customer value paradigm and its application for business success.

Value-Generation as a competitive advantage.

Led by a creative genius, the creator of Creative Commandos Innovation System,
learning with him itself is an experience.

The essence of innovation is customer orientation. While customer centeric management is often talked about, its a tough concept to appreciate and implement. Especially under high pressure corporate situations customer-view-point is often lost.

The value-Generator Training programme is an opportunity to bring the team in-tune with this important aspect.

Who Must attend this training programme:

This is a training programme for the senior and middle management managers who are responsible for various projects and teams in the organisations. It is also a must for brand custodians, marketing leaders, 'intrapreneurs' responsible for finding new business opportunities. 

This training also adds a lot of value to project managers who are responsible for exploring disruption opportunities in the marketplace.

The Training Delivery:

Value-Generator is a special kind of innovation training module. It underlines the importance of empathizing with customers,  appreciating their experiences. It helps the participants demonstrating the deeper human psychology, how the products and services plays an important role in customer's emotional life.

This is an intense training programme, delivered through case studies, presentations, role plays and guided visualizations.

We show, how little facts and observations can become real solutions. We underline human factors in new product and solution creation. Some of these discussions can become real life products for the organisations.

Training Approach:

2 days of high intensity, hands - on idea generation and idea development training with a passionate trainer who is cracking ideas in real life situations for last 20 years! 

Participants will learn:

  • Importance of customer value and the need to focus on customer point of view.
  • Customer Value and it's various dimensions.
  • Co-creating new solutions with customers
  • Art of conversation to unlock the customer wants and wishes
  • Vendors and their role in customer-value creation
  • New product ideas.
  • Concept of internal customers
  • Value generation as competitive advantage
  • Customer value as innovation direction.
  • Design thinking for customer-value creation

Delivery Mechanism:

Guided visualisations. Specially created for this workshop. Helps participants to get in touch with their deep
creative resources and helps them connect with customer's emotions

Role-play games. Understanding the other person's point of view.

Audio visual presentations. Power packed learning in a short time. 

Specially created softwares. These will help participants to carry the workshop learning into real life.

Successful case studies. Learning from real life. How the cutomer-value concept is used for competitive advantage by successful organisations. 

Training Leader:

Puneet Bhatnagar
Creative Consultant and NLP Modeler


About the author

Puneet Bhatnagar is a business innovator, creativity and innovation coach. He is a columnist and author who writes on creativity and innovation.

He has trained 1000's of people from all walks from life--From CEOs, CFOs, R&D experts, Engineers, Marketing and Advertising experts, News editors...And combat fighters too!

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