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The Team:



Puneet Bhatnagar:

Creativity expert and a certified NLP trainer.

Puneet has more than 20 Years of experience in advertising and media. Work pressures, tight deadlines, and idea generation are second nature to him.

He is a 'big idea' person. As a creative Director he worked on some of the biggest brands in the country.

Apart from winning international accolades, his campaigns are also part of 'The Showcase of Indian Advertising.'

He is the thought leader for the Creacos group and brings his in-depth understanding of the creative process in all our training interventions.

                          Anu Mohan:

The Sherlock Holmes of business intelligence. He was a project engineer who shifted to knowledge research and brings a creative tweak to data mining with his fertile mind.


                        Shailja Shaily:

Formerely a trainer with FMCG giant P&G, she now leads our creative commandoes all over the country.


                  Creative Commandoes: 

The team trained by us. They keep on updating us with their real life case studies, knowledge base and feedback from the field.


Models Of Excellence

We learn and fetch 'creative thinking distinctions' from geniuses and real life successful creative people all around us.

Our creativity training is based on 'what creative geniuses do to create breakthrough ideas' rather than theories.

Out of the box is an old metaphor

Spherical Thinking

Our 'thinking through the sphere' method will help you create relevant and effective ideas.

This ultra practical method is based on behavarioural patterns of true creative geniuses. 

We have ditilled these lessons in a step by step method. Your team can apply it even under high pressure corporate situations.

This aproach promotes micro-creativity as well as breakthrough solutions.

If you wish to know more about this unique approach connect with us and we will share the details. 



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