Pokemon Go: It Was An April Fool’s Day Joke Which Turned Into A Global Phenomenon!

Playfulness is an important aspect of being creative. Sometimes doing things just for the heck of it, to have fun, makes a lot of sense.


Google is known for such acts. They play around with Google doodles. And also play pranks on April Fool's day. They did the same in 2014. They announced a special job post titled:

Pokemon Master.


Here is the video that announced the task for would be Pokemon masters.

The response was terrific. And that joke developed into Pokemon Go! The biggest gaming obsession today on the planet.

What's the ROI? That should be a good lesson to CFOs and managers who keep asking, what's going to be the ROI? What will we get if we invest the money on it? I always want to tell them, "Dear sir, creativity and innovation is not a one-time game. When we create a culture of innovation, the playfulness too will payback. Maybe not immediately. But sometime in the future. And many times over".



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