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Innovation is the name of the game. But, Idea-boxes go empty. It needs more than just posters and slogans to create ideas. Before the
paradigm-shift in ideas, there must be a mind-shift. Give your team a creative experience.  Connect us today for real creative training.

Digital Advantage

1 day training module covering digital / Social media for marketing innovation and business promotion

Everyone is talking about digital media...but how to use it for business success?
How to use these resources for creative advantage?

In this workshop participants will learn exactly that.This intervention is a powerful blend of social media, search engine optimisation and consumer behavior secrets.

We share tips and techniques to use some of the most prominent social media networks like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.Plus some of the authority websites not even heard of.

It's not just about tips and techniques, a paradigm shift is happening in the business world and we will show how to use it for creating an advantage in the market place.

Participants will learn: Understanding the paradigm shift:Changing customer-company dynamics. Word of mouth to word of mouse transition. 'Ongoing conversation with the customer' model rather than the 'buzz' creation.

The new media and its role in influencing consumer's decision making cycle.

Using the new paradigm

Connecting with the consumers

How to make sure the prospective customers 'discover' us rather than the competitors when they search.

How we can discover and prospect the customers in the digital world.

How to recognise the influencers on the digital map.

Connecting with the influencers.

Using digital media to research upcoming trends.

Creative Advantage

Creating inroads into the hearts and minds of customers/ experts/opinion leaders through digital media properties to dominate the market place.

Introduction to Predictive Analysis and it's implications for the organisation.

How to use the social media tools on day-to-day basis effectevely.

How to use the social media tools on day-to-day basis effectevely.

Who should attend this training?

Sales, marketing and brand planning executives.


1 day training session.

Workshop Leaders

Puneet Bhatnagar
Creativity expert
NLP Modeler

Anik Sheth
Google certified digital marketer

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