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Innovation is the name of the game. But, Idea-boxes go empty. It needs more than just posters and slogans to create ideas. Before the
paradigm-shift in ideas, there must be a mind-shift. Give your team a creative experience.  Connect us today for real creative training.

Creative Tool Kit

2- day training module for The junior Managers

Creative Approach And Idea Generation Training

Idea champions are important for any organisation. But a handful of people can't get us the sustainable competitive advantage. The real difference between a true innovative company from others is the creative culture!

When everyone in the organisation understand the importance of creative thinking the game changes. When idea Champions propose a game changer and others are ready to contribute, with their experience and skills, the real
competitive advantage is created.

This training module is designed to provide the teams with the creative tools and techniques to take existing ideas and projects to the next level. The module presents many dimensions of creative thinking and innovation. It helps participants in understanding their role in the innovation process.

Participants will learn:

  • Quick idea generation techniques.
  • Helping others develop their ideas. A must for all managers and team leaders.
  • Our seeding the idea technique which is used by innovators through out the world.
  • Connecting the ideas to organisation themes and goals.
  • Idea evaluation matrix.
  • Idea presentation secrets. Great innovators, from Leonardo Da Vainci to Steve Jobs are also expert idea presenters.

Training Leader:
Puneet Bhatnagar
Creative Consultant and NLP Modeler

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