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When Everyone Is Creative, Why Do We Need Creativity Training?

The moment people come to know I am a creativity and innovation trainer, they ask me, sometimes even challenge me, “Why do we need creativity training?”  Recently a friend asked, “It’s the creative faculty which made us different from other animals. Not just animals, we also mastered the natural forces for our own good and could […]

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The Story Of A Caterpillar Who Refused To become A Butterfly…You Can Help Him Find His Wings!

Cator, the caterpillar who refused to become a butterfly!We all know a caterpillar goes through various stages of transformations before he becomes a butterfly. But Cator, the little caterpillar didn’t know that. Cator was an ordinary caterpillar in an extraordinary situation.The botanical garden was his heaven. Food was abundant. He chewed the fresh green leaves […]

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