Which Is The Most Creative Letter In The English Alphabet?

You know there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. And all of them have their own importance. But if someone asks you: Which letter makes the most impact on our creative powers? What will you say?


I am sure you never heard about that kind of research.  As creative people why not scratch our own brains. Could it be 'A'? Because it is the front runner. Could it be C? C for creative!

When I ask that question in my workshops, some people emphatically say 'B'!
Be yourself to be creative, they say. Good thinking there.


But my choice is 'S'...When people hear that they exclaim, "S? Why so?"

Let me explain. In our school days, we were always asked, "What's the definition of....X...Y...or Z?"


As if there is one and only one way to define something. As kids we don't even realise how powerful and binding that is. It is a kind of programming that remains with people all their lives. And that 'The Definition' is the one provided by the teacher or the authorised book. Any other answer won't fetch you the marks.

So, we start learning the importance of authority and their point of view early on.

Now just imagine what if we are asked, "What could be some definitions of.......X...Y...Z...?"
Putting that 's' will make a lot of difference. It tells us there is not just one point of view, but many possible point of views!

Won't that change our approach to life significantly?

I understand you can have a different point of view. If you have to choose the one letter, that has the most impact on our creative thinking skills, what would that be?

And why?

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