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Creativity and innovation training

November 1, 2017

Creativity and Innovation training surprises people.

Because the participants come in expecting the same power point presentation led training programme, where they are given a workshop outline, and then the trainer starts tick marking one point after the another.

Our Idea-Machine training programme is a sweet surprise!

In our recent Idea Machine Creativity and Innovation training, at Regal Beloit, Hyderabad, when the participants walked in the training hall they were puzzled to see no round-table arrangement. In fact, there was no table in the room. Just chairs. No writing pads. They were curious, "How will we make notes without pads?

The trainer didn't start with 'ground-rules'. No one was asked to silence the phones. No formal introductions. What kind of training programme was that?

When we need to break the rules, the training itself need to be fresh. And that's what happens in the Idea-Machine Creativity training workshops. Within a few minutes the participants were loosening up, their resistance melted, and they were on the carpets role-playing a Sumo-Wrestler. Laughter was in the air, and they were ready to get into a new kind of learning mode.

The Idea-Machine workshop is designed for deeper learning.

We work on the creative-mindset before we launch on to idea generation tips and techniques. We share the secrets of the creative geniuses. Their approach to life. The way they create ideas.

The truth is, our approach is very different from Edward De Bono and his '6 Thinking Hats' kind of protocols. We believe, creativity is a way of life. Organisations need a creative culture to nurture ideas, and the 'Idea-Machine' should keep running all the time.

When you follow our approach, ideas are everywhere. You will discover them while reading a newspaper, commuting to the office, and in day-to-day work discussions. 

The core of the programme is idea-generation techniques.

At the beginning of the workshop, most ideas are routine and dull. Something we have already seen or read about. The trainer put the flashlight on these barriers. We show the participants how the 'box' is constraining them. It is easy to say-'Think out of the box!" It is a different matter altogether to get out of it. Because the conditioning is so deep, people aren't even aware of it. We use various psychological games to get them into new frames of mind.

And that does wonders! Participants start opening up. They now come up with some exciting ideas. And when a participant presents a breakthrough concept, they all appreciate it, encourage it. They push it even further, together.

The air in the room gets electric. Energy soars up. You have to be there to feel it. When creative minds think together, in harmony, they start believing they can create something better. 

Team leaders whisper in the trainer's ears-- I didn't know these people are so creative!

We can see a broad smile on the HR's face. After-all, they created this experience for everyone.

When creative minds think in harmony, sky is the limit #CorporateCreativity

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Real world ideas!

The crux of the idea-machine training is the application of creative thinking techniques to real life work scenarios. The participants choose their work-related challenges and then generate ideas to make things better. 

The trainer becomes almost invisible during these sessions. Because participants are so engrossed in their discussions, challenging the conventional assumptions and proposing new ones! The trainer hovers through the room, overhearing conversations. He is there to guide people if they are using the technique correctly. But at times he doesn't even bother with these details because when exciting ideas are generated, it doesn't make a difference if the technique is adhered to completely or not.

We believe techniques are for freeing people, supporting them, not to bind them in protocols. Ideas are what matters.

The presence of team leaders makes a significant difference during these sessions. Most often they take a call, then and there! A great idea is marked for implementation. And we get people to volunteer for making it happen.

The training sessions often run till late in the evening. When people are on a roll, they don't bother about time.

The feedback that we get most often is:

"Now I believe we can create great ideas!"

"I can't believe we learnt so much and had so much fun at the same time!"

"Those who missed this workshop, can't imagine what they missed!"

And without fail they compliment HR:

 "Thanks HR for organizing this training."  

And this makes HR's job tough too, as the participants also ask:

"Why can't all training be like this?"

About the author 

Puneet Bhatnagar

Puneet Bhatnagar, popularly known as Creative Punito--is a business innovator. An expert on SME business growth. He is a well-known creativity and innovation trainer, author, columnist and storyteller.

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