Creative Uncertainity

Creativity quotes with explanations

This is a creativity quote which only creative people can truly appreciate. It expresses the agony of creative thinkers. Writers, artists, inventors.

In the beginning of creative process, there is nothing but a little hope. I call it, darkness with a potential. The creative person focuses on a potential idea. She can sense it in her being, but there is no form to it. And she doesn't know how much time will it take to form.

This is not the darkness of nothingness. It is darkness around a seed. No ray of light reaches it. But it can sense the warmth of the sun. And it fetches nourishment from the dark soil around it. 

In the same way, a creative person keeps the hope going. She can feel the idea, or the project-seed germinating inside, though other people doesn't see anything. 

The true test of a creative person is to keep working, to do her research, to doodle things on a paper, to keep faith in the creative process even when nothing seems to happen.

That's the real difference between successful creative people and those who quit. If you can wait, creative flowers will bloom. And the whole world will see it.

Puneet Bhatnagar
Creativity Trainer 

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