Creativity Quotes 2

Creativity Quotes play an important role in our understanding of the creative process. These are our windows to the creative brains and their approach to life. On this page we have some selected creativity quotes, curated and commented by Puneet Bhatnagar, the creativity trainer India looks up to for creative nudge and inspiration.

Enjoy the quotes. Get the deeper creative insights from Puneet's commentry. And yes, implement these ideas in your life. That's what makes the difference. Isn't it?

Creative Guys, Value Your Mistakes!
This is great advice coming from A. R. Rahman, the Indian musical master. I love this. All the budding creative people[...]
Creativity Quote: Yesterday’s Home Runs Don’t Win Today’s Matches
Babe Ruth is an inspirational figure, but yet, what he is doing in a creativity column? Because, the moment I[...]
Creative Habits: Doing Justice To Your Talent
I love this creative quote by Twyla Tharp. She is talking from experience. And if you read her book 'The[...]
Creative Culture Makes The Real Difference!
Leaders must lead by example. Which suggests that a creative leader must also create ideas which are brilliant and path-breaking.But,[...]
Dr Einstein Wasn’t Crazy!
This creativity quote from Albert Einstein is hilarious! Imagine a student's perplexed expression in the examination hall, with last year's[...]
Creative Uncertainity
This is a creativity quote which only creative people can truly appreciate. It expresses the agony of creative thinkers. Writers,[...]
It’s Difficult To Draw An Original Rose!
Creative Guru looked intently at the young manager. "Gentleman, read that thing very carefully! This guy Matisse is amazing, he[...]