Creative Notes: 1

December 26, 2019

Recently I was too busy creating a television show. Creating business model innovations was also on my agenda. The projects are still on. So, I couldn't write much.

In the meanwhile I learnt things about keywords, SEO strategy and Google rankings. That was bad for me, I must say. While following those strategies helped me have an innovation article on the Google first page, it made writing regularly, difficult.

Because to rank, one must write a lot of words, be focused on one and only one thing. And that's not natural for a creative soul. 

So, I have decided to give those rankings a rest. What's important is communication. Between you and me. The message must travel, from one mind to other, heart to heart.

So, I am writing these creative notes. Whatever comes to my mind. Some observations. Some tips and techniques about creativity, writing, innovation, ideas.

There won't be any logical sequence. Like, how we talk when we meet on a chai-adda. We speak about things which are current, significant in that moment. 

Yesterday I shared on social media about Ms Verenequa Dukus, a brilliant teacher from Spain. She taught human anatomy to class, wearing a bodysuit. Isn't that so creative! 

Click here to see Verónica Duque in her Anatomy Class 

I also learnt a beautiful saying through my friend Sanjay Vyas's Twitter page. He posted the image of a plate full of tasty items, with this caption :

Hath sukkha, baman bhukkha!

For those who don't understand this: 

1: In India we eat with our hands. And then clean our hands with water. 

2: Brahmin (Baman) is a community who is invited for meals on various occasions. Some day a Brahmin pandit may get invited for multiple meals on the same day. So, they are known for good appetite.

Here the saying (Hath sukkha, na baman bhukkha!) means--

The moment hands are dry, a brahmin is hungry again!

I liked the sound of this saying. it captures the indian desiness, the beauty of the language and the message so well. 

Hath sukkha, baman bhukkha!

So, I promise: A lot more conversations in the coming days. Do comment and share your views. 

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Puneet Bhatnagar is a business innovator, creativity and innovation coach. He is a columnist and author who writes on creativity and innovation.

He has trained 1000's of people from all walks from life--From CEOs, CFOs, R&D experts, Engineers, Marketing and Advertising experts, News editors...And combat fighters too!

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