Beethoven And His Obsession With 60 Coffee Beans!

It is said that Beethoven used to start his day with a strong cup of coffee. Not just strong but it must be exactly 60 beans of coffee brewed for him. He was so obsessed with this number that he used to count these beans himself.

Now, while people can debate about whether this was a very strong cup, or is it okey for a genius to take care of such trivial things, my mind is on other important aspect here.

The creative ritual. Creative people usually follow a ritual to get into a creative mood, the state of mind in which they are able to create the best ideas. The state of mind in which they give the best output.

You can say these rituals are their pathway into the 'creative zone'.

So my advice is: rather than laughing on Beethoven's obsession with coffee beans let us take a strong sip of learning for our-self. Think, what puts you in the creative zone? Observe, what works the best for you? It can be certain music, walking, a special odour. Or, reading a dictionary.

Whatever it may be, but begin the quest. And once you discover the right thing for you, follow this to the level of obsession. Even if people laugh. Because what matters is, the creative work that you produce. The inspired music, artworks, poems, inventions.

Creative people follow a  ritual to get into the creative mood, the state of mind in which they create the best ideas. These rituals are their pathway into the 'creative zone'. #Creativity

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