Israeli Startup Gives You The Power To Sense The World Around You!

I am talking to many Indian entrepreneurs about how we can make a real difference. I am asking them to look for ideas which are a little deep, to apply technology for real life situations. Innovations which are not just superficial but have an impact on how people will live life in the future. To create something that is not just a gadget, but empowers the person having it in her possession.

Scio by Israeli Startup 'Consumer Physics' is an apt example. It is a small molecular sensor with enormous potential. It uses the same powerful technology which is being used in advance labs, but adapts it for the people like you and me.

With this sensing technology the users can sense the world around them. For example, how fresh are the vegetables? The body fat content and many more things. It is like having a sixth sense. You can 'look' deep inside things to know the calorie content of food, you can actually pick and choose the best fruits from the basket using Scio! 

Here is an interesting video where Dror Sharon, CEO and Damien Goldring of Consumer Physics talk about the possibilities with Scio. 

The possibilities are immense. I am sure it will trigger many more ideas in your mind. Think about it, how can you use the sensing technology in new ways? Or, which lab technology you can bring to the common people. 


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