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February 14, 2017

Businesses have gone beyond just selling flowers and greeting cards. New age businesses are playing an active role in the cupid's game!

Valentine's Day brings fairy-tale moments for lovers all around the world. But the business community awaits it even more eagerly. Cupid brings big business for them.

Marketers are experts at tugging the hearts. They sell even toothpastes and cooking oils with emotional campaigns. To them, the Valentine’s Day is a gift from the saint. The occasion involves one of the most vulnerable human needs-- to be accepted, to be loved, to be embraced. And the biggest fear too-- the fear of being rejected.


During the Valentine season, these emotions are even more prominent. The ladies spend sleepless nights guessing whether he will propose or not. The men are anxious too, a thousand questions wobbling their hearts. What if, she won’t accept? Whether his gifts will match her expectations? Where to propose: the music concert, candle light dinner, or a surprise location? They worry about every little detail. And fantasize too, about everything; The diamonds glinting in her eyes, the tight hug, the sweet kiss, and then, the-long-sensual-night.


While the lover boys devise the plans to steal their princess’ hearts, businesses brainstorm creative ideas to get a bigger chunk of the love-dollars. Last year in the USA alone, the lovey-dovey couples spent about 20 billion dollars. They splurged money on roses, candies, perfumes, diamonds and clothing. Dining out was big too.

But that’s the old world way of doing things. Many businesses in recent past are playing an active role supporting the cupid. They don’t just sell stuff but get involved in the proposal process. They make sure these fairy-tale moments become unforgettable for the couples.


Let's peep into their offerings. Many Limousine rental services offer the Valentine’s Day packages. Their proposition-- make her feel extra special. Imagine the scenario: the girl next door is waiting for her man, and he comes like a king in this chariot of a thing. The chauffeur opens the door for the couple; they travel to the fine dining restaurant, walk the red carpet, and savour the special candle light dinner. Exquisite chocolates, best of roses, non-alcoholic drinks. The experience is designed to mesmerise her. The beau will shell out only a few thousand dollars for it. 3000 dollars for 4 hours, to be precise.


Now, let us move to another dream moment. The man takes her heartthrob to a busy mall, or to a city square, everything is mundane and routine, when out of nowhere a flash mob appears with much fanfare; the man goes on his knees and proposes to the girl of his dreams. These are the ‘oh-so-cute’ romantic proposals which go viral on the social media. Though, this is difficult to pull off and need elaborate preparations. That’s where the event management companies have seen an opportunity. They plan everything for you, the music and the professional dancers, choreography and rehearsals, the props like rose flowers, heart-shaped placards, and the ‘I Love You Sweetheart” banners. They arrange everything. Except for your valentine.


What if, one’s beloved is an introvert? The couple can plan an outing to a mountain track. Or, can go for a forest walk. The enamoured lover can propose to his girl in a solitary corner under a flowering tree, the moon being the witness. This moment will scintillate forever in their memories, and don’t be surprised, in their photo albums too! You may not have heard of them, but paparazzi services for valentines’ exist. These paparazzi follow the couple like a shadow but remaining imperceptible to them. When the man proposes, her heart will be captured for sure, that moment will be also be captured on film for the posterity.


Those couples, who wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own cosy corner at home but wish to make it memorable, can hire personal chefs to prepare a special menu for Valentine’s Day. These chefs design the whole experience, from the meal to the crockery, on the valentine theme. And they present it to you with a lot of love. Surely, for an attractive fee.

The list of these cupid supporting services can go on and on. In fact, they have no special love for the angel; profit remains the only motive. It shows in some anti-cupid forces working overtime during the valentine season; the detective agencies see a surge of new assignments, as the suspicious lovers want to confirm their worst fears. These people want the proof of the deceit. And they pay a good price for it.


Cupid, or no cupid, businesses loves money!

Puneet BhatnagarCreativity & Innovation coach

Puneet is a newspaper columnist and author. A strong proponent of 'Power of ideas to change the world!' He is applying this approach, and influencing thousands of lives through mentoring idea champions in corporates,
non-profits, as well as early stage startups.
To know more about him and to understand his training approach, visit


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Puneet Bhatnagar

Puneet Bhatnagar, popularly known as Creative Punito--is a business innovator. An expert on SME business growth. He is a well-known creativity and innovation trainer, author, columnist and storyteller.

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