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December 9, 2018

All ideas are not equal. While most business ideas struggle to gain traction, some ideas are cool business ideas! These ideas are triggered by real-life experiences. While most other people accept the inconveniences of life, some entrepreneurs and innovators respond with a cool solution. They see opportunities where others only see problems.

Enjoy this compilation of cool business ideas. We are sure it will inspire you.

Zipline: The Drones That Save Lives!

Zipline is among my most favorite business ideas. It’s not just cool but uber-cool. In my creativity training workshops I emphasize the importance of believing an idea can happen even if it looks crazy in the beginning. Zipline is a fine demonstration.

It is a startup by Keller Rinaudo, Keenan Wyrobek and William Hetzner and works with drones. These Zipline drones deliver lifesaving delivery of blood to rural hospitals in Rwanda.

It all started with a robo toy that these guys called Romo. They named the startup Romotive in the beginning. Then at some point they turned it into a venture that is making a social impact.

Zipline is making ripples in the startup skies, getting financial support from the top names in the market and also got a proud place in 'Best Inventions Of 2018' list by Time magazine.

From a robo pet toy to this high, it's a great leap. Watch this video to see this great idea in action.

Allbirds: The Most Comfortable Shoes In The World?

When I saw Allbirds in the list of LinkedIn best startups of 2018 list, I was curious. And the claim they are the most comfortable shoes was a tall one. What could be so cool about a pair of shoes? 

It's a fine product innovation. Allbirds differ from other shoes, these are made with merino wool which makes them soft and comfortable. That’s why people can wear these Allbirds shoes without socks. The common user response is: It is a great experience. These shoes are also machine-washable.

Allbirds is more than just an innovative product. It is an environmentally responsible business. The materials used are all natural, trees, wool and sugar cane. They even create the soles with a 'sweet foam' which is a material created by fermenting sugarcane juice.

sustainable business idea, cool startup idea,

The entrepreneurs Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger are so confident of the shoe quality they offer to refund after 30 days if you aren't happy with the experience of wearing these comfy shoes. 

Obviously, they are attracting a lot of business and customer recommendations, and also fund money.

Learn more:

All Women Driving School In Cairo!

In 2001, Nayrouz Talaat a journalist in Cairo wanted to learn driving. When she looked for the right driving school for her she discovered that all the driving instructors were  male.

Now learning with a male instructor puts you in a closed environment, and it was uncomfortable to be with an unknown stranger. She avoided this situation by learning to drive with her uncle.

This experience led her to start Egypt's first all-women driving school named Direxiona, with female instructors catering only to female clients. 

To know more about her business, visit her business website here:

Sibly: Online Mental Well Being Coaching 

Stress is increasing. And mental health is a real issue. A person suffering from mental illness, or going through a deep depression doesn't know who to turn to?

Sibly platform is a business idea that solves this problem. It is meant for mental well-being coaching. A good and commendable use of artificial intelligence, real-time access and human coaches makes this a powerful platform. A business that is making a difference.

Sibly is not for therapy or diagnosis. It is a support system for mental well-being. The assumption is, most mental problems are not severe, these are treatable. Even more important if the person can talk to a trained coach while he or she is going through the stress can get quick relief. 

You can find more information at www.

Sibly an innovative mental heath platform

Mental health innovation

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