Is Your Organisation Innovation-Ready?

We Can Help You Take The Leap...We are a training group...With exclusive Focus on creativity and innovation training. 

The Creative Commandos Innovation Training System!

We modeled,  and culled out the best strategies of  the creative geniuses. 
And then converted it in a step-by-step learning system

Our Original Training Programs

We have trained the whole range of clients--corporate giants like L&T, Mahindra, Crompton Greaves, Henkel...
Creative organisations like Ogilvy, ACK media (Amar Chitra Katha), media houses, as well as startups and SMEs!

Creative Tool Kit

A hands-on Idea generation training intervention.

Demystifies the creative thinking process. Boosts creative confidence.

A creative base for the innovation-ready organisation.

Idea Machine

Intense, creative-mindset and idea generation training for idea-champions in the organisation.

For CEOs, CFOs, Project and team leaders, R&D professionals.
Project teams working on a problem or opportunity 

Value Generator

It's a training module focusing on customer-value generation.

A must for higher management, project leaders, innovating marketers. entrepreneurs.
Creates a framework for su
ccessful innovation.

Get Trained By The Best In The Industry

"Creative Commandos Innovation System is the most practical creative thinking programme in the country.
We have used the system to create competitive advantage for our enterprise softwares.

--Dhwani Mehta, MD, Opportune Technologies.

Puneet is Indian Cultural Creative Evangelist.

A great believer in ‘creativity is not God-gift but can be taught’, he is genuinely keen to take India & Indians to the pinnacle of creative training & education. He was, is and will be a lifelong learner and trainer in all forms of creativity. Enjoy an hour with Puneet, in a coffee shop or board room, to enrich creative faculties.

Atulit Shrivastav
President - Brands at Futurebrands Ltd.

Creative Provocation - Simplicity - Business connect

I've been engaging with Puneet for over 10 years now, and his ability to link Creative Provocation - Simplicity - Business connect, is truly unique. All in a package with a very unassuming & grounded self-persona. A real pleasure to work with, and enjoys himself seen as a 'Jaadugar'. (Source: Linkedin Recommendations)

Manav Yashoroy
Director and Global Head, BoP Business at Philips Lighting

Extremely Engaging Workshop!

We recently did a workshop with Puneet on Creativity and Innovation for our senior team. Puneet has an extremely engaging style of leading workshops, so the group participation is usually very high and involving. His exercises, games, and tools can be applied generically to any industry or company... Creativity is not typically the kind of subject for any - or many to just pick up and meaningfully craft it together into a training workshop - but Puneet is able to do this really well. (Source: Linkedin Recommendations)

Subir Vyas
Associate Director- Human Capital at MicroSave

An Artist Mesmerizing Business People!

I've known Puneet as a passionate advocate of creativity, and even seen him at work on a bunch of businessmen who thought they had seen it all. What I saw was an artist at work, effortlessly pulling the right strings, pushing the right buttons, until he has the whole hall listening to him and to use a term in vogue today, 'fully engaged. Whether it is a creative block, finding the creative in you, or a creative way around a challenge, you could do few better things than check with Puneet! (Source: Linkedin Recommendations)

Prasanna Singh
Former COO, Agency FAQs, Co-founder TheMobileIndian